Session “SusChem-AT” @ BioNanoNet Annual Forum, 27 Sept. 2022

Session “SusChem-AT” @ BioNanoNet Annual Forum, 27 Sept. 2022 SusChem-AT 4. October 2022

Session “SusChem-AT” @ BioNanoNet Annual Forum, 27 Sept. 2022

from the left: Andreas Falk (BNN), Bettina Mihalyi-Schneider (TU Wien) and Alexandre Pazos Costa (ILF Consulting Engineers)
The BioNanoNet Annual Forum & BNN Networking took place as a pre-conference event before BMT2022 on 27 September in Hall i.T., Austria. The focus was on the technology platforms SusChem-AT (Sustainable Chemistry Austria)NanoMedicine-Austria (NM-AT) and the Advanced Microfluidics Initiative (AMI-AT), which are organized and coordinated by BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN).

A presentation on the “Achievements & outlook of our platform SusChem-AT” was given by Andreas Falk (BNN, General Coordinator of SusChem-AT) and Bettina Mihalyi-Schneider (TU Wien, Chair of SusChem-AT). The platform was introduced alongside its strategy paper, which was adopted in the summer of this year, outlining the relationship and cooperation with the European technology platform.

Bettina Mihalyi-Schneider presenting


The keynote presentation “Ethical aspects and sustainable development in industrial projects – An engineer’s perspective” was given by Alexander PAZOS COSTA (ILF Consulting Engineers AT). He gave exciting insights into the sustainable development of projects in recent years and also showed that an engineer can quickly and easily become an “ethical engineer”. Mr. Pazos gave numerous tips on how this can be achieved.